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Italian Aroma Coffee



FRESHLY ROASTED coffee beans are essential for great tasting coffee.



Italian Aroma Coffee is a high quality artisan coffee brand with a reputation for freshness, style and the unique taste of Italy.

These espresso blends are recommended for coffee businesses with a desire to demonstrate a real understanding of coffee and a willingness to share the passion for great tasting coffee with their customers. All are drum roasted by hand:


City Roast
A blend of quality Arabica coffees, roasted to a full chestnut colour, then mixed with a second roast and roasted to a lighter shade. Sometimes referred to as the “Bar Mix” in Italy. A classic, cost effective everyday coffee, rich in flavour with sweet undertones.


Supremo Roast
A blend of quality Arabica coffee, roasted to a full chestnut colour and is a little bit special. Once described by a clients as “luxury in a cup”, our Supremo roast is sheer indulgence. This coffee gives you a delicate and rich intensive flavour, sweet at the front of the pallet, with a slight dry, dark chocolate after taste. This is truly one of the best coffees on the market today!


A great value all-day coffee suitable for any type of coffee business. An 80/20 blend of arabica and robusta beans create a very well balanced coffee suitable for all occasions.xxxxxxx


Cappuccino Roast
A blend of quality Arabica coffees, roasted to a dark chocolate colour. Never shy of a challenge, this blend is hand picked from two quality Arabica beans and slowly roasted to achieve a coffee which is dark, rich, highly fragrant and with a strong intense flavour, perfect to be tasted through a milky latte or cappuccino.


Retail TinsRetail_Tins_Image

We have recently launched a beautifully designed range of retail/gift tins. The new packaging appeals to the discerning
and up-market coffee drinker. The packaging emphasises the strapline ‘Coffee with Italian passion’ by using a heart shape created from the coffee aroma/steam.

These are new and unique to the market and will appeal to the gift and impulse purchaser and will look great in any kitchen. The tins hold 200grams of freshly ground coffee and comes
in 3 roasts: A decaffeinated Calm Roast, a Central American Arabica Mahogany Roast and an African Arabica Intense Roast. All the tins are security sealed at the top and are stackable.

We supply the tins in cases of 12 and we have a mixed case with 4 tins of each flavour.

Looks great and desirable in any café/gift shop!